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Birth and Build 

The mastermind and accountability group you've been waiting for.


Facilitated by Kristen Pate
Founder & Coach at

She Births Purpose, LLC

Coach Kris is a passionate, faith filled, purpose driven women who knows what it's like to desire more, but lack the support or strategy to obtain it. With years of experience in both the corporate and education sector she infuses the savviness of a CEO with the patience of a seasoned educator to coach her clients through seasons of transition. 

What makes Birth & Build unique?

Will this really help me?

You're here right now because whatever you've done or are currently doing just hasn't seemed to work. I know what they say, "you get out what you put it". Let's be honest though, sometimes it's just not the right fit no matter how much you put into it. I, on the other hand, operate from the mindset that God knows who's assigned to me and vice versa. So if it's a match, then you will, "get what needed to be gave".

If you're curious about the benefits of joining a mastermind/accountability group, here's just a few I'd like to share:

  1. Like Minded Community of Women

  2. Networking and Collaboration

  3. Achieve Results Faster

  4. Increase in Motivation

  5. Build Lasting Habits

  6. More Consistency and Focus

I believe one of the biggest benefits is not having to go it alone. As women we are known for wearing our superhero capes by day and being exhausted and burnt out by night. So, let this group not only be a place you can build upon what's inside of you, but let this be your safe space to lay down the cape and just be.


Drawing a Straight Line

Session Details

All sessions will be held virtual on Thursdays beginning January 20th at 8:00 PM/CST.

Session replays will be posted in the event you are unable to make it.

  • Session 1: Strong Start (Jan. 20)

  • Session 2: Shift Gears (Mar. 31)

  • Session 3: Dig Deeper (June 9)

  • Session 4: Cruise Control (Aug. 25)

  • Session 5: Finish Stronger (Nov. 3)

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