Starting or growing a purpose driven

business doesn't have to be impossible.

You just need to shift your mindset.

The She-EO Shift Bootcamp
IS designed to help you do just that.

The She-EO Shift is a 30 day Bootcamp for early stage women entrepreneurs who are ready move past limiting beliefs to launch and grow their purpose aligned business.


There is No Shame in Wanting to Profit From Your Purpose. 

You were created with many gifts and talents. Over the years, you've discovered some pretty amazing things about yourself. You're creative, innovative, unique, resourceful and everybody knows it. That's why you're the go to person for just about everything.


For years you've given your gifts away for free. You probably hadn't even considered charging people for what you do naturally, until recently.

If you're doubting whether God is okay you profiting from your gifts, don't..

Your gifts were designed for exactly that; to make room for you and propel you into greatness.

So why not do whatever you can to make sure those gifts don't go to waste. As the song says, "Take the limits off!"

Whether you are still in the dream phase of starting your business or have already jumped off the porch...

You're probably still having feelings of uncertainty or fear.

If you haven't started, you're probably worried that...

  • Your family and friends won't pay for what they use to get for free

  • You won't find anyone else to buy from you to make a profit

  • You don't have what it takes to own your own business

  • Your idea is too crazy and people won't get

  • You wouldn't know how much to charge even if you did start

  • You'll have to spend a lot of money to get started

If you have started, you're probably worried that...

  • You won't be able to come up with new ideas for products or services

  • Your market is too saturated so you won't last long

  • You won't be able to keep pace with the growth

  • Your branding is not up to par with other brands in your industry

  • You won't be able to grow during the pandemic

  • You're prices are too high for your target market


You Have Something Special, But You Feel Stuck and Need Help Executing

The truth of the matter is: You are a boss already, but those feelings of uncertainty that keep creeping in are directly related to your mindset.

I've seen so many clients struggle in this area, which is exactly why I created the She-EO Shift Bootcamp.

The strategies I am going to share with you have helped my clients remove limiting beliefs, more than double their income goal, develop viable streams of income for their business, and align their business with their purpose.


If you're ready to gain clarity and direction so you can operate in your gifts and build a purpose driven business, then the She-EO Shift Bootcamp was created to help you do just that.

What makes my approach to entrepreneurship different, is that I put the focus on you first so you can put the focus on your business. Other programs simply focus on the profits and leave you completely out of the equation.

At the heart of every program I offer, is the understanding that real progress starts within. Besides, you're learning from someone who has used this approach to rebuild my career from scratch and launch my business.

What is the 

She-EO Shift

Bootcamp all about?

  1. Passion: boosting your desire, motivation, and enthusiasm for your purpose

  2. Purpose: defining your intentions and aligning your gifts

  3. Profit: developing a plan for investing your gifts for gain

  4. Productivity: intentional and purposeful activities to get you results

The She-EO Shift is for the newbie women entrepreneur who is ready to do more to get more results in their business.

In a perfect world, I would be able to offer this opportunity to every woman who desires to launch and  grow a business, but I can't. Because of the nature of the program, I am only able to accept those who are qualified, focused, and committed to doing the work.

It is of the utmost importance that every participant is not only dedicated to their transformation, but the transformation of their peers. Showing up for the mastermind is not just about getting, it's about giving. Why? Because whatever we give, the same we shall receive.

Are you that somebody?

The following will let you know if you are the right She-EO:

✔New & aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to push past limiting beliefs and become more confident

✔New & aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to leverage their gifts and skills to make money

✔New & aspiring female entrepreneurs who are ready to launch or grow their business

✔New & aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to build a purpose aligned and profitable business

✖Entrepreneurs with no desire to grow personally or professionally

✖Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for ideas for a business

✖Entrepreneurs who are content and comfortable with minimal progress

✖Entrepreneurs who aren't looking to align their business with their purpose

What you can expect from the

She-EO Shift    Experience

Though space is limited, The She-EO Shift is uniquely designed to provide the flexibility to join anytime as long as space is available. Otherwise you may be placed on the waiting list to be notified of an opening.

The mastermind includes:

Bi-Weekly Group Mastermind Sessions

Every 2 weeks we'll meet virtually to learn a strategy, collaborate, and set personalized goals for our business.

Additionally, I'll host skills trainings, bring in industry experts, and provide "spotlight" opportunities for peers in need of direct feedback.

Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Every 2 weeks, I will open my calendar for first come first serve 1:1 coaching calls for those who need it. These are optional, but highly recommended.

You'll be getting the benefit of my undivided attention and focus on your individualized needs.

Peer Support Group & Private Community

You will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are at a similar place in their business. So you will be able to support one another and network.

You'll also have full access to my private community, which includes resources and other training opportunities at low or no additional cost.

For the past 10+ years, I've been obsessed with doing mindset work to manifest the life I desire.

I started my career in the corporate sector and after six years of uninspiring cubicle life, I QUIT! I decide to go back to school to earn a teaching certification and quickly realized that it was going to take some major mental gymnastics to get through the next few years without the safety net of my corporate job. I had to get my mind right! 


So I began to become intentional about my new career.  I finished my program and shortly thereafter earned my masters in teacher leadership (a fancy name for coaching & mentoring).Throughout that time I progressed from sub, lead teacher, to my current role as Director of Instructional Technology. But can I tell you a secret, I manifested it all by using my faith and mindset strategies.

Then the shift happened...

I still felt like I still wanted more so I figured out a way to use my gifts and skills to launch a new business (this ain't my first rodeo). I gleaned from my time in corporate and in the classroom. I noticed striking similarities between teaching and running your own business. I dug up my coaching & mentoring skills and figured out a way to repurpose them to do what I was doing for teachers, by helping them become the CEOs of there classrooms.

I saw a way to to help new & aspiring entrepreneurs tap into their gifts and leverage them to start a profitable business. I noticed a common link between the teachers who struggled and the entrepreneurs who did the same-- mindset blocks, lack of know-how, and lack of guidance.

Coaching became my passion, my purpose, and my business. I fell in love with it all over again, but this time I am dedicated to helping other women manifest their purpose aligned dreams of entrepreneurship.

It's Me, Kristen

Your Mastermind Coach


Let me clear a few things up...

If you've read this far, you're either resonating big time or having some hesitation about whether the She-EO Shift  is right for you.

All of that is totally understandable, that's why I spent the time explaining so you could make a well-informed decision. Besides, an investment like this shouldn't be taken lightly.

So let me be real with you: the She-EO Shift is for the ambitious doer and the investment speaks to that. So that might be the thing your struggling with, which makes perfect sense.

So if you are still on the fence, here's my promise:

If you show up consistently for yourself and your peers, implement the strategies, and get intentional about aligning your purpose driven business for profit, you will see the results you desire.

If your next move is to just give up on yourself and your dreams, then you need to strongly consider getting the support of the She-EO Shift, and there's no better time to apply than NOW.

My desire for you

  • To gain confidence and clarity about operating in your gifts​

  • To remove limiting beliefs so you can truly experience purposeful living

  • To never doubt the value of your God-given gifts, skills, and talents

  • To recognize that your purpose is bigger than you

  • To build a purpose driven business that will last for generations to come

  • To experience a life changing shift in your mindset

  • To feel fulfilled everyday you wake up, knowing you are doing what you were called to do

  • A lasting network of friends and peers to connect, collaborate, and celebrate with

Your harvest is only as big as your seed.

If you knew could build a profitable and sustainable business aligned

with your purpose (gifts, skills, & talents) simply by shifting your mindset, would you do it?

I'll answer that for you..."ABSOLUTELY!!!"

Other programs out there focus solely on generating income, but for me it's personal. I recognize that everything we desire starts and ends in our minds, so there's no "Make $10K in 30-day" program that will fix a fractured mindset.

Remember, true change in your life & business starts with you!