Purpose! Where Art Thou?

Updated: Jun 2

Each one of use has been given a special set of skills that we are to use to impact the lives of others and leave our legacy.

Next Stop, Purpose

When I first started thinking about my purpose, I looked at it like a final destination on my journey of life. I thought that once I got old and retired that I would finally find it. I soon learned that was not the case. You see purpose is something that lives inside of you. It's something that you were born with just like every other part of your body. It's your spiritual birthmark. With this revelation, I soon realized that my purpose was not something to find like a rest stop on a long road trip, but yet something that was to be discovered deep inside of me.

Discovering Your Purpose

I have to admit, that even with this new found revelation, I still wasn't quite sure how I would know when I discovered it. Then God revealed to me that it was more that just a discovery, but an accumulation of life experiences. At this point, I was like, "Okay God, you don't have to be this mysterious". Then he showed me what he meant. You see, we all go through things in life that we sometimes don't understand. We don't get why certain things had to happen to us, but God revealed that each of those moments are on purpose with purpose. So, I started asking God two very important questions: :"What do you want me to learn?" and "Who do you want me to meet?" These two questions really summed up the intent of everything that I'd gone through that didn't make sense. I was either put there to learn a learn something or to make a new connection.

It's Not About You

I'll tell you one thing, this revelation brought on so much more than I anticipated. As I continued to seek God and meditate on this thing called purpose, I began to realize that it wasn't all about me. Yes, I've learned a lot (still learning) and met some amazing people (still meeting), but when I truly started thinking about it, I realized this thing was bigger than me. While I was focused on my assignment as an individual, God shared with me that part of my assignment was attached to someone else's. He showed me that while my meeting someone, for example, may have resulted in a new friendship, the connection was actually not for me. I was just a vessel he was using. He showed me that, even when we may not realize it, He is using us to help others. He explained to me that we are all meant to be someone's answered prayer.

The Point Of It All

As you and I continue to discover our purpose, it is my hope that you will see the greater message in it all. That, whether we realize it or not, we are obligated to pursue purpose. So if fear, doubt, or guilt have been keeping you from digging deep within, that all stops today. No matter what you've done or been through, you are worthy and necessary. Your purpose shall not die with you. Nothing that has happened to you was happenstance or coincidence. Good or bad, it was all apart of the perfect design for your life. Sometimes you have to deal with hard things to help someone else heal from there's. Sometimes you have to fail seven times, to help someone else succeed once. The point is, seek purpose with an understanding that it is within you already, but it's meant to live outside of you.

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Kristen Pate is a mindset & purpose coach for women, a certified educator, and self taught digital creative.

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