Well you can download the workbook for 2020 Rehab and get started today!

This workbook is designed to be completed over a 3 week period with daily activities to help you detox, cleanse, and renew your mindset. It's also designed to be reusable so you can repeat these activities throughout the year for mindset maintenance.

So it you are ready to start REHAB, download your copy TODAY!

Purchase of the workbook only does not include the live coaching sessions & replays and after course support.

If you decide to sign up for the full course after your purchase the workbook, the cost of the course will be prorated accordingly. Example: Workbook is $29, Full course is $127, you will be charged $98 to register for the course. (please send an email prior to checkout so a one-time use code can be issued to you for the cost of the workbook).

Mindset Rehab Workbook


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